We Believe In Every Child's Potential

Changing the lives of children living with disabilities

Our story

We are Xtra Potential, a Leicestershire-based social enterprise changing the lives of children living with disabilities.

We’re on a mission to drive better opportunities in education, work, and society by empowering, educating and informing businesses, government, schools, parents, and people on the action they can take. 

We founded Xtra Potential in 2020 to address the social injustice we experienced as parent carers and as individuals living with disabilities. Our vision is to create a world where every child is included. 

Our values

  • icon-2 Community Builders
  • icon-2 Change Makers
  • icon-2 Justice Seekers
  • icon-2 Conversation Starters
  • icon-2 Superpower Initiators

What we do

We provide opportunities for disabled children and their families to access a range of activities and services.

The children who have participated in the Xtra Potential initiatives have built their confidence and discovered new skills and strengths. We work with organisations to deliver disability training and audits to build inclusive and understanding workplaces.

Children's/families stories